During this project, Bee Smart Services Ltd was instructed to carryout the regeneration of two MOD rifle ranges situated in Whittington near Lichfield which had been closed for over 10 years. There where two main ranges which varied in length from 600yrd to 800 yard. This large project involved re-profiling two ranges, installation of new target bays, installation of new track ways and many more items. please see the list below of the main activities carried out during this project:


  • De-leading and raising of existing stop buts by over 3.5m to make them the largest stop buts in the world

  • Installation of stabilisation systems to the front of the stop buts

  • Re-generation of flag route track through the forest

  • Construction of a new troop shelter

  • Installtion of plastic timber crest boards

  • Installation of Clargester

  • Installation of thin drainage system

  • Installation of sleepr retaining structures to hold back sand in the firing pits

  • Installation of new SART target housing

  • Installation of new services

  • Regarding and profiling of range floors

  • Installation of timber steps to the 100m firing point

  • Installation of soil stabilsation systems to the end of the stop but

  • Screening of site top soil

  • And many more....